About us

Architecture is the profession of designing the built environment.

 Historically, the concept of the built environment both embraced and rejected the idea of a balance with our natural environment. Home was a safe place against wild and cruel nature of outside. We feared natural disasters, wild uncontrollable animals and untamed growth of forest and woodland areas. And even now, we destroy or neglect our natural infrastructure due to our focus on making life more convenient, with drive through services and large shopping malls.

Thus built environment should be an extension of our natural environment. Our decision to form a balanced relationship between nature and built is determinant; nature has complicated internal rules that define biodiversity as a collective life support system. There is a need for the built to connect to organic structures systematically. Architects must organise political, social and technological resources in an effort to create a dialogue and implementable action plan to design built environment in balance with nature.

"The desert, begins with an impoverished load: There’s limited water and top-soil, unrelenting UV, high temperatures, cold night conditions. “There’s not a ton of big mammals, not a lot of life.” “But after a rain, the dry riverbed comes to life for a few weeks, then retreats. To build with nature, first you need to recognise that there is a point you cross when there is too much.”

“A psychological change happens when you think you are above limits: You’re careless, wasteful; your own creativity is limited and you end up with solutions that diminish the quality of the experience. Designers are not taught in design school about the notion of limits. They are not taught to work with what you have—the climate, weather, and other life-forms impacting their designs.”

Can not crush nature underfoot and cover it in built environment.

We are group of highly professional background and our endeavour is to promote "Not to build environment against Nature"

RespectNature is our digital platform to share our research work to professionals and students who are responsible in creation of build environment.

We remain highly hopeful to receive maximum support and earnings from our work will be reinvested in our research and develppment work.